Corporate Finance

We are a true niche specialist in corporate finance, offering you:

  • City-trained expertise, backed by the best in City resources
  • the lower costs of a small niche firm, with guaranteed senior attention at all times.

Our principal, Dick Jennings, has been active in corporate finance for over forty years. He has worked on corporate finance deals in the City of London, internationally and regionally, for big corporates, investors, lenders, owner-managers and businesses of every shape, size and sector.

He works on deals across the UK, both alone and with other hand-picked professionals.

I've got to say at this point Dick, the only reason why I work now is for sheer pleasure and fulfilment (and the consequent pleasure the spoils afford) and nothing gives me more pleasure than a job well done, working with you is a truly inspiring experience, thank you.
Serial entrepreneur and finance director

Discuss your needs now with Dick Jennings, free of charge and with no commitment:

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