Owner-Managed Businesses

OMB owner/managers are often faced with as many issues as much bigger firms, but with slimmer resources.  It is vital that they have a good, stable, team of professional advisers. People they can trust personally.  Not on the fixed staff overhead but there when needed.

Such relationships are the heart of our client-base.   We advise on all aspects of day-to-day, tactical and strategic management, including the tricky problems when directors, shareholders or partners cannot agree. 

We specialise in shareholder/partnership agreements, which raise challenging issues of long term goal, ultimate exit planning, control, minority protection, financial return and discipline. 

We advise on use of cross-options funded by life cover, to provide pre-funded exit opportunities.  This needs multiple technical skills (company/partnership law, life insurance, personal estate planning), good drafting, good communication, and good diplomacy (to carefully find the common ground between stakeholders).  Not so many lawyers have the skills, temperament and experience for this work.

Our principal, Dick Jennings, has worked closely with OMB owners for many years and has drafted, and negotiated, many dozens of shareholder/partnership agreements.  He has advised many minority shareholders who are suffering unfair disadvantage, and many majority owners dealing with troublesome, “black sheep”, minorities.

I wanted to thank you most sincerely, for your continual thoughts on the issues. You have done nothing but throw very useful ideas around and give huge moral support, which is very much appreciated.
Owner-manager, re a £ multi-million corporate governance dispute

Remind me never to work on the opposite side to you please!!
Chartered accountant fellow advisor on a shareholder dispute

Your support has always been of immeasurable importance and support to me. Thanks.
Serial entrepreneur, client for 12 years.

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