Law Firm Consultancy

What’s the problem?

Truly specialist corporate law skills are hard for many law firms to access. That means:

  • loss of profit, not just on corporate work but by loss of core case-load from other departments – such as the big property instruction which comes in a corporate wrapper, or the big divorce which entails splitting family company assets
  • potential loss of client, if they have to go to another, full service, law firm and don’t come back
  • a frustrating inability to offer full service support to business clients, despite being able to handle their property, employment, debt collection and other work with ease.

What can we offer?

We have been working for nearly 20 years, on a consultancy basis, with many law firms across Yorkshire and further afield. We treat each firm as simply a client of ours with full client privileges, but charged at a discounted fee rate. They charge our consultancy time on to their clients, at full normal rate. The firm makes a profit, while the end-client pays no more than had they come to us directly. And since we do no work whatever other than corporate, we are not a competitive threat to the law firm. 

Each law firm has its own set of goals, and we work with them accordingly. They may:

  • want simply to keep the big instruction which their existing specialists (property, family, probate or whatever) would otherwise have lost
  • see Corporate as a profit centre– ideally by leveraging a lot of their own fee earners’ chargeable hours off fewer hours of specialist back-up from us
  • want to build a corporate department – in which case we help their business development, and our proudest moment is when they recruit a full-timer, making us redundant. (It’s happened, more than once.)
  • have a fee-earner whom we can help develop into a proficient corporate lawyer, so growing a corporate department organically
  • need cover for a temporary staff shortage (such as parental leave)

Thanks for your support and hard work throughout. You have really been instrumental in my development and I am most grateful to have such a great mentor. Thanks.
Fee earner whom we helped re-train as a successful full-time corporate lawyer

If ever a lawyer can understand the complexities of these transactions it is you
Law firm principal, on completion of an assignment.

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